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youth camp

Youth Camp 2023 will be Tuesday, June 27th through Friday, June 30th right here at Word of Faith. Tuesday through Thursday will be filled with workshops, food, plus the ministry of Pastor Joel Jenkins, Minister Kristina Jenkins, Pastor Frank Davis, and Evangelist Marie Diggs. With the musical gift of Miles Minnick. We'll close it out on Friday, June 30th with a trip to Cedar Point. The entire camp cost per youth is $150 per youth, plus a small processing fee. Click the button below to register and please note the full amount just be paid here online at the time you register. 


Contact the youth ministry at 248.353.3476 Ext. 287 with any questions.


Bishop Keith A. Butler2022
00:00 / 41:18
Evangelist Marie Diggs2022
00:00 / 59:44
Minister Kristina Jenkins2022
00:00 / 1:18:07
Pastor Joel Jenkins2022
00:00 / 51:08
Pastor Kerrick Butler2022
00:00 / 1:02:51
Pastor Kerrick Butler2021
00:00 / 52:02
Pastor Michelle Ferguson2021
00:00 / 52:02
Pastor Joel Jenkins2021
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